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Welcome to Inspire Hope Blog (Intro)

Well, hello there! I am Mettie Spiess. I started Inspire Hope Blog after I tragically lost a second brother to suicide in 2014 to end the stigma and shame regarding mental illness, inspire hope, and prevent suicide. Here you will find support, tools, and resources

The Positives & Negatives of ’13 Reasons Why’

As a suicide and bullying prevention speaker and trainer I have been hearing a lot about the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” from students, educators, and parents. The series graphically depicts the suicide of fictional character, Hannah Baker, and addresses a number of difficult topics,

Never See Yourself the Same- 100 Day Challenge

When did you start listening to the voice inside that said you aren’t good enough? I recently spoke to a group of brilliant middle school students about developing unwavering resilience. Mid-way through the program, a sixth-grade student bravely raised his hand and said: “But Mettie,

Support for Loss Survivors (Video)

In honor of National Suicide Loss day this post gives support to those who are grieving a loss by suicide and answers the question of how viewers can specifically support loss survivors. Approximately 117 people die by suicide every day leaving thousands to grieve. Please share this